It was the classic slots that introduced the concept of wild and scatter symbols. It not only made the slot game very interesting, but also totally revolutionised the way slot games emerged in the days to come.

Wild Symbols

It gave the players more opportunities to form winning combinations and make some more money in the process. In this way, both the casinos and the players benefitted. The only limitation that was reserved for wild symbol is that even though it could replace all other symbols, it could not replace the scatter symbol. The scatter could fall anywhere on the reels and still complete the winning combination.

Modern Slots and Its Effect on The Wild Symbols

As technology evolved over the years, slots too have undergone dramatic changes. The symbols are no more stagnant, they have been given life and align wonderfully with the theme of the game. More often than not, wild symbols act as the main symbol, which becomes the central character of a themed slot.

The logos typically represent the wild symbol. Another exciting feature of this symbol is the fact that they can also act as the multiplier, which means you can dramatically increase your earnings!

The Various Types of Wild Symbols

Slots, these days, have become exactly like video games. In turn, wild symbols, too have undergone many changes.

The Stacked Wild Symbols

Stacked wild symbol, for example, has become extremely popular. This is nothing, but the wilds stack upon each other when the reels start spinning. This is the type of wild symbol, which has a huge earning potential. Effectively, stacked wilds have the potential to convert the whole reel into a wild, thus, making you a lot more money in the process.

The Expanding Wild Symbols

Then there is the expanding wild symbol. As you can predict from the name, this is a wild, which turns and expands other symbols into wild symbols too. Some typical example of this kind of slots is Batman and Playboy.

The Trailing Wild Symbols

You will also come across the trailing wild symbol. This is almost similar to its expanding counterpart, but the only difference is that it leaves a trail, which when it touches other symbols, converts them into wild too.

Now that is where the fun is, since most of these features rapidly expand the return. These kind of wild symbols are typically found in slots with progressive jackpots.

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are many other wild symbols. There are wilds, which divide into two and make many possible winning combinations. A perfect example of this kind is Batman and The Dark Knight Rises slots.

How do Wild Symbols Vary?

Wild symbols differ in terms of appearance on the reels. Since these symbols greatly increase the chance of winning, there are slot machines, which tend to lower the appearance of the wild symbol to a great extent.

On the other hand, there are slots, which can extend terrific rewards, but the frequency of wild symbols appearing here is quite low.

A typical example of these kinds of wild symbols is the ones with progressive jackpots. A high variance slot will always pay less, but you will have the opportunity to win big, while low variance slots are exactly the opposite!

How to Identify Wild Symbols?

Most of the slots have something called as a Paytable, where all the details about the various symbols and their payouts are mentioned. While playing too, it can be easy to identify wild symbols as some of them have the word, Wild written across it, while some have only a W, like in the newly released, Net Entertainment slot, Dracula.