American Gaming Association (AGA) is one of the leading industry associations that hold positive views about Donald Trump’s impact on US gambling laws. The media reports reveal that a conference call took place with CEO Geoff Freeman and AGA president. The call was meant to look out for the crucial goals that are to be achieved in order to regulate the gambling industry. The call also made the appointment of former casino owner clear and stated that he has experience to position the gambling industry in a way that has never been done before.

The news also disclosed that Donald Trump’s transition team was sent by the DC-based organization in the present month. In addition to this, AGA also declared the facts that gambling has reached to the next level in the nation. Today, gambling accounts for $240 billion industry that has been able to offer around 1.7 million jobs to the people. It has provided these jobs in 40 different states and produced almost around $38 billion when it comes to the yearly tax revenue. Without a doubt, this makes it clear that gambling industry has been bringing in majority of the revenues and has been contributing greatly to the nation’s growth.

About the New Gambling Legislation

It is known that the AGA memo has appealed the new federal government to make modifications in the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, 1992. The replacement of this act is highly significant because it has banned the betting on sports in all the states including Oregon, Delaware, Nevada and Montana. To regulate the gambling industry and encourage sports betting, this law needs to be amended at any cost.

About Trump’s Participation in the Gambling World

While talking about Donald Trump, it is true that his experience in casino ownership is vast. He has been an owner of three casinos in the Atlantic City of US and another in Indiana. However, another fact is that the casinos in the Atlantic City, The Trump Taj Mahal and the Trump Plaza have now been closed. The Trump Marina was recently brought by Tilman Fertitta, a billionaire who changed it to a new casino named the Golden Nugget. No doubt, Donald Trump has been a fan of online gambling and is expected to bring out the much needed gambling laws in the nation. In addition to this, Trump has also made it clear that the existing laws on gambling are a failure and that he shall be in full support of the new laws.


Even after the highlighted Trump’s concern about gambling laws, there is still a doubt about whether he will be able to execute his plans or not. The nation is eager to see whether the new President’s views will turn into acceptance and bring a revolution in the online casino gambling world. It is true that Trump bases his views on definitive ideology and he had hardly got any experience in the politics. Nonetheless, he won the elections and is now expected to support and take iGaming regulations to the next level.

Once the right gambling laws have come in place, the players of the USA will be able to make the most of it. They will be able to sign up at different casino websites and enjoy their much preferred games like Dracula Slot to make money. The entire senate, casino operators & developers and players are now eagerly waiting to witness the positive changes that Trump is expected to bring in the nation.

Yes, the new laws are likely to boost the casino industry and improve the economy of the nation.