It is true that PokerStars Casino in new to the online casino world. It has been two years that this casino is in this arena. Since then it has been proffering the best poker games to its online customers and has gained a great fan base. According to the media reports recently, the casino is now focusing on its organic marketing efforts to have strong grip on the market. It is soon going to come up with its casino TV ads that will be played across all the UK digital advertising.

In the Words of Sam Hobcraft: Director of PokerStars Casino

The director of Casino at PokerStars, Sam Hobcraft said that the casino has shown a tremendous growth in the past two years. He said that the casino has already become the world’s most preferred casino. PokerStars casino has remained a secret for all the poker lovers but the casino now believes that the right time has come to launch its unique product, he added.

Sam further mentioned that the company is proud to introduce its TV advertisement and is further excited to witness the huge UK launch.

While talking about the content of the advertisement, the ad will emphasize on what the casino calls ‘cutting-edge digital graphics’. The casino claims that it is going to offer the roulette and blackjack games with the finest graphics. It is all set to show it all to the audience this time.

The Growth of PokerStars

The casino has been growing at a great pace since its inception two years ago. According to the earnings of the third quarter of 2016, it has been noticed that the casino and sportsbook contributed by around 24 percent to Amaya’s revenue. In fact, this percentage has immensely improved, as it was just 15 percent in the same quarter of the last year. The news further revealed that the company is now aiming at increasing its customer base. At present, the casino enjoys the cumulative customer base of over 105 million but it now wants to approach to the audience of the mainstream market.

Additional Details About the TV Ads

The casino has clearly stated that the ad campaign will involve the unique look of the casino and its newest offerings. However, it assured that the heritage of the brand has been kept intact throughout the campaign. The casino is walking very balanced, which can be seen in its mobile gaming app called Casino Rush. This slot is as adventurous as other slots like Dracula slots and is sure to attract eyes of many. While talking about Casino Rush, it is a free social game that can be enjoyed by any player at any point of time. Besides this, you can play it for real money if you are into real gambling. You can compete with other players as well and earn great reward points.

Statement by Lloyd Melnick

Lloyd Melnick, the director of Social Gaming at PokerStars said the company has invested a lot of time in evaluating the social casino market. He said that Casino Rush has been created in order to let players play offline too. Players can easily install the game and play it on their Android and iOS devices.

He further stated that Casino Rush is the best of all the other poker and casino slots of the year 2016.

Nonetheless, it can be said that PokerStars is in its full gear to advertise its online casino games. It is making great efforts to make the ad campaign a big success by drawing the attention of millions of punters across the globe. So, get ready to try Casino Rush now!