The online gambling industry always manages to find place for casinos that can offer something special, and this is actually very important given that the business is fast approaching the saturation point. A new casino was launched on the 1st of February, and its promoters have given it a really revolutionary player reward system in order to help it stand out from the crowd.

All About PlayOJO Online Casino

The casino in question is known as and it has been launched by a team that has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. It is really very important to have a lot of experience in the industry because of the cut-throat competition here. Having knowledgeable backers gives a website the best chances of success, especially if they can bring about innovative practices. As a matter of fact, the team behind this website has been doing a great deal of market research to fine tune its understanding of the market and come up with a product that has the greatest chance of being successful.

Rewarding Gambling Experience at PlayOJO Online Casino

PlayOJO operates on a SkillOnNet platform and its main focus has been to give players the maximum possible benefits when they gamble. As a matter of fact, SkillOnNet’s Ohad Narkis pointed out that this site was determined to place customers in the driver’s seat. He said that most gambling sites did not offer players a fair and rewarding gambling experience, and therefore PlayOJO wished to do something unique. Given that Narkis has made a good reputation for himself in this field, there is very little doubt that this site will be successful.

Narkis elaborated on what exactly made PlayOJO so special. For one, the site was keen to maintain the highest standards of transparency. Players are always keen to find sites that are trustworthy because there is quite a bit of their money involved, and they cannot risk losing it to cyber criminals. Online safety has been identified as a key area for development since market research has shown that many players have a high level of distrust for gaming sites. Therefore, this site aims to score very high when it comes to this factor. PlayOJO gives players full control of their money and also allows them to see exactly what the site is giving them.

Bonus Offers at PlayOJO Online Casino

Players will also be delighted to see the bonus offers available here. The company doesn’t have the usual bonus offers similar to the ones offered by most other sites. Most gambling sites offer bonuses based upon the deposits, however, it will be quite different at the PlayOJO website. Instead, the website chooses to offer rewards based upon the level of play of the customer.

What’s even more interesting is that that these rewards do not come with any wagering requirements. In other words, there aren’t any tricky terms and conditions that prevent players from getting the full value of their bonuses. This also means that players can withdraw their money as and when they want, unlike at sites that offer match bonuses. Players will definitely enjoy this kind of rewards programme because it is very easy to understand and there’s no question of missing out of any rewards one has earned.

PlayOJO will also use an innovative marketing strategy to get its message across to its customers. SkillOnNet has plans to invest a lot of time and money into the PlayOJO brand and will ensure that it has very high visibility.

The online casino will also feature a wide range of games from different software providers. Players tend to prefer sites that feature a wide range of games. Branded games like ‘Dracula’ tend to see a lot of play because of their exciting themes and many opportunities for winning.