The good news for the virtual reality gambling industry is here. The reports and surveys have declared the revenue of this industry is expected to grow by almost around 800 percent in the next five years. According to the latest study by Juniper Research, by the year 2021, the industry will probably make $521 million in gross bets. While talking about the growth, it will be focused on the casino space because the online gambling casinos are going to offer fully-immersive real-world VR locations to the players, as stated by an analyst.

It simply means that the players will have something better and unique to be entertained. They will be plugged into the VR goggles to enjoy the best VR games and will further be able to discover and experience the virtual facsimiles of world famous casino properties of Las Vegas Strip. This strip has been developed by physical casinos as the most advanced marketing tool and the new revenue stream. The juniper Research made it clear that in the year 2021, the casinos are going to represent only about 40 percent of the gambling sector.

More About the Juniper Research…

The Juniper Research has further revealed that the VR online casinos initially will be populated by the VIP high rollers only. The reason behind the same is that the experience that is expected to be created by the high end virtual reality hardware is every expensive. It will be limited to only high rolling early adopters coupled with some of the niche clients. It is true that there are number of virtual reality gambling experience that is free to play. However, when it comes to the real money VR online casino, it is only Slots Million VR.

Insight into Slots Million VR

Slots Million VR was incepted in the year 2015, which is very latest. Nonetheless, in just a single year, it has been able to stimulate the actual presence of the imaginary casino to the greatest heights. In addition to this, it has been offering the virtual reality versions of a wide array of top games developed by different companies like Net Entertainment and Microgaming just to name a few. It means that Slots Million VR has emerged as a boon for the players who love playing VR games and slots like Dracula slot.

In the Words of Tomic

According to the news further, Slots Million VR was the very first operator that beat the finest practices for this new medium. The Slots Million co-founder, Alexandre Tomic recently said in an interview that the new medium is actually going to develop and transform the affiliate relationships and he talked about the VIP segment of the VR gaming. The founder is happy to announce its further plans and its unique strategies to draw the attention of more and more players from across the globe.

Tomic further added by mentioning that Slots Million VR will make it possible for the affiliate managers to get the players directly to the casino. They will also be able to interact with them socially and know more about their choices and expectations. He says that the most fascinating part about VR games is that it allows the players to do things that they actually cannot do in their real life. For instance, the player can acquire the complete details of the number of players and other things from the affiliate manager directly. On the other hand, the manager will be able to keep an eye on all the players and provide them full assistance.

Therefore, it is sure that the virtual reality gaming is going to set a landmark in the coming future greatly!