About 10 days ago, Dracula slot was released by Net Entertainment. There was a lot of speculation about the slot, its features and its payout.

Here’s an overview of the much-awaited Dracula slot.


The Gory Theme of Dracula Slot

Count Dracula, the famous vampire character, which captured the imagination of millions of people around the world, is the inspiration behind this blood-sucking slot.

Net Entertainment, who specialises in theme slots, has done a wonderful job as far as the graphics and the animations are concerned. The company definitely possesses some great skills when it comes to slots such as these.

If you are a slot fan, you will remember that their previous Dracula-themed slot, Bloodsucker became a huge hit. Later, Bloodsuckers Touch was introduced by the same company on their mobile platform through their extremely successful product, Touch.

However, that was a while back, in fact, about six years ago. If you were to compare both the games, the new Dracula slot has certainly been given a more realistic storyline and a greater player experience!

Some Facts & Figures

With four rows, 40 pay lines and five reels, this slot will definitely capture your imagination. What’s very encouraging to see is the fact that Net Entertainment has walked the extra mile to give this slot the perfect settings of 1931-that’s when this slot is based in!

The background will definitely give you an eerie feeling. The fact that a player can win up to $200 in a single spin will keep even the high rollers interested. Some of the other features to look forward to include free spins, attacked and normal wild, bat feature and many more.

The Bat Feature

This is your key round if you are hoping to win some moolah from this game!

You will find some random bats appearing from nowhere and transforming into random symbols that also become a wild symbol.

The good thing about these bats is that they appear in groups and they are triggered randomly. The fact that, these bats are totally unpredictable and can turn into any symbol, make them even more interesting.

There have been very few games, which follow this unconventional gaming strategy. It will definitely keep you on the edge of your seats!

The Free Spins Bonus Round

Although the Free Spins Bonus round is very lucrative, activating and playing this round is not as simple. Certain conditions need to be met before you can play this round.

The second reel needs to have the stacked symbol, while the fourth reel needs to display the stacked lady symbol. If the reels manage to display both these symbols, you will instantly be rewarded with one free spin.

To create a dramatic effect, the bats automatically descend onto the five reels. If you are lucky, you will witness your symbols changing into winning symbols. In case 20 bats slide on to the reels, two free spins will be awarded to you!

The Mobile Platform

For the on-the-go players, Dracula slot has also been released to be played on mobile devices. The mobile platform for this slot has been designed very efficiently.

Whether it’s your smart phone or tablet, you’re sure to experience superior game play. A superb game from the comfort of your home is definitely worth a try!

One good thing about the mobile platform is the fact that user experience has not been comprised. You won’t feel any difference when you compare the PC and the mobile platform.

The Final Verdict

A nice welcome bonus, some great opportunities to make quick bucks and a whole lot of fun is what this slot is all about. Certainly worth playing!