Slot players assess the comparative merits of different games on the basis of the number of pay lines that the game offers. The term pay line refers to the order of positions that appear on the reel.

They can make multiple bets on machines, depending on the number of pay lines available. Contrast this with the original slot machines that offered just a single line.

Experienced players usually like machines with more pay lines because this increases the ways in which they can win.

Online slots, being virtual, can theoretically have any number of pay lines, but practicality dictates that most games have 10, 15 or 20 with some having 50 and even as much as 100.

There are games that have as many as 250 pay lines too, but this is quite rare because even the high rollers would be hard pressed to bet on all the lines.

Playing a couple of pay lines is quite simple, but it gets fairly complicated when the number of pay lines increase beyond three.

This is because many games have set configurations that will result in a win. Very often, the pay lines are arranged diagonally with some moving towards the left and other games have the lines moving to the right.

Any player who spends enough time on a particular game will notice the patterns soon enough.

The screen can be quite confusing if there are multiple pay lines, but you will soon be able to make sense of it if you are very patient.

Placing Bets

A person playing multi line slots can choose the coin value as well as the number of coins wagered for every line.

This determines his line bet. Next, the player has to decide the number of lines that will be wagered on.

Wagering on three lines implies that the total bet amounts to three times the line bet. In other words, this is like selecting a particular line and spinning the slots thrice.

Multi line slots reduce the number of spins and the game therefore, moves very fast. It goes without saying that this is also very thrilling.

The Payout

Every game has a payout table that lists all the combinations for which a payout can be made. When the reels settle down to a position after they spin, the sequence of all symbols that fall on active pay lines (the ones on which bets have been placed) will be compared against the combinations listed in the table.

In case there is a match then the player will be paid.

A word of caution here – you need to first study the payout table of every game you try because each game is different and the payout may not be what you are expecting.

For instance, if you are planning to try out the immensely popular Dracula slot then you should first read its payout table.

Dracula Slot is a really exciting game with excellent graphics and thrilling sound effects, but you’ll have a lot more fun if you win more coins by knowing how to play exactly and what to expect.