When you are gambling at a casino, there’s no doubt that you are bound to have a lot of fun, but getting a lot of freebies for your play is something else altogether!

In the United States, you can earn casino comps on your table game play or slot in most of the casinos. Casino comps are nothing, but freebies that casinos offer to their customers. However, not a lot of casinos offer comps, especially the foreign ones!

Similarly, if you’re looking to play the recently released Dracula slot online, you’ll be showered with a lot of free spins and bonuses that you can use to your advantage.

You can expect a minimum of 10% to 15% of your loss in the form of certain comps from the casinos. But the casinos will not give you cash, unless you are the one who plays extensively.

The tracking system is different at each casino, but the basic thing that you need to remember is that the software will turn your time played and average bet into an amount, which you can use for your resort amenities or in meals.

To ensure that you get the best of your money, follow the tips mentioned below.

#1-Get a Player’s Card

The first and foremost thing is you need to sign up for a player’s card. Although it sounds very basic, a lot of players feel different about the card and sometimes claim it is unlucky too.

They wouldn’t want to know how much they are spending. But, if you have a card and play even the penny slots, it can get you a few free meals for the play.

#2-Deals of the Day

Don’t hesitate to ask if there any specials and find out about the best deals of the day.

If the casino area is close to your home, then you can go online and find which casinos are offering best sign-up offers.

Try moving around among many casinos as possible, before you finalise on something.

#3-Subscribing for Newsletters

A lot of people opt out of e-mailers from the casinos thinking it is only spam. But, the e-mailers can actually notify you about all their ongoing and upcoming offers.

#4-Meal Specials

Effectively utilise the meal specials available in the casino. A lot of properties give a free or discounted breakfast especially for players.

Some offers may look like ‘Get 300 points and breakfast is on the hotel’.

#5-Complimentary Services

Apart from meals, you’ll also find a lot of specials such as free child-care for an hour, cash-in chips, and so on, which you can use to your advantage.

#6-Special Offers

Casinos also have some slow days. During that time, they offer a lot of specials to draw crowd and you may actually win some extra points.

For instance, a casino in Arizona offers 13x points every month on the 13th. Now, how cool is that?

#7-Turn on Your Charm!

If you are playing slots, then you can afford to be grumpy, even irritated at the device, and nobody will notice.

But when you are playing a table game, it is highly important that you be pleasant and enjoy yourself.

A small change like this will help you get some awesome small perks, which will take you by surprise!

#8-Track Your Points

Keep a track of your points and don’t let them expire. Don’t accumulate it to use it at the end of the year and use it all at once.

#9-Special Rates

Most properties, which are owned by the casinos, will give a special rate for their players.

It may vary up to 50% to 60% based on how active you are at the casino. If you are a regular, then you can even win a villa!

#10-A Single Card

Even if you and your friend are playing at the same casino, don’t buy two cards. Buy a single one and share.

This is not illegal, yet you get to win some money!