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Welcome to the home of Dracula slot – the internet’s first fansite for NetEnt’s spookiest slot.  Here you will find all the latest news and information on the game including sign up bonuses for all the top casinos, tips on how to beat the game, and all the latest news.  You can also play Dracula for free – simply click here to start playing now.

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Thrills Casino

thrills 728x90

Of all the new casinos to have been released in the last couple of years, our favourite is Thrills. From its sleek and sexy design, to the sheer variety of games on offer, we dare any of our readers to not have fun. The welcome bonus at Thrills is an solid match bonus worth up to $/£200 and can be claimed by clicking here.




Guts is about to celebrate its second birthday, and in the short period of time it has spent online, the casino has grown into one of the internet’s most popular gambling destinations. As well as being a fully fledged casino, on the sites you will also find sports betting and poker rooms to keep you entertained.





MrGreen casino has been going for years and was once our casino of choice. It was probably the first to embrace NetEntertainment and showcase the games to its full extent. As well as having more slot games than you could shake a stick at, MrGreen also features lots of the table games you would expect to find at a traditional land based casino.

If You Thought Playing Slot Games is Simple, Think Again! Here are Some Tips and Techniques that You can Use to Make Your Experience Even More Enjoyable!

Tips and Techniques

Perfect skills, unique strategies and a little smartness is all what is needed to set your name in the online gaming world.

A casino veteran is sure to win the biggest jackpots in the initial few spins, but it can be very challenging for an amateur.

If you are a newbie, then can get a hold of some tips and techniques of slot games like Dracula. The animation, graphics and sound effects and moreover, its bat feature has stolen the attention of thousands of players.

Some Prominent Aspects of Slot Machines


In terms of details, internet games are very simple and hardly require any particular skill.

Players are not required to insert the coins, pull levers and make any other efforts. In internet gaming, simple mouse clicks along with a few techniques can make you win giant cash prizes.

Even if you want to place maximum or minimum bet, you can do that by simply clicking mouse buttons.

#2-Right Value

Internet games offer you the right value for your money.

At the time when you sign up at any website, it offers welcome bonus, sign up gifts, free bonuses and discounts.

Some online casinos offer a high proportion of prizes to attract the players. The casinos also introduce unique features and higher payouts in the game so that, players around the world are captivated by it.


No doubt, internet games are the finest pastime. They are entertaining and never leave you bored at any time.

Some players prefer playing only in land-based casinos, as they find them to be more interesting and happening.

However, internet games can offer some exclusive features like incredible sound effects and other effects that are not present in offline casinos.

#4-Easy to Win

No doubt, it is easier to win the gigantic jackpots in casino games.

While playing these games on the internet, players can download and install software that can augment the chances of winning.

This software can even make you win in your very first spin. Since online slot machines need the availability of an internet connection and a computer, you can play them at any place and at any time.

By sitting in the comforts of home, you can win thousands and millions of dollars through casino gaming.

It is true that the slot machines have their own benefits, but a player should still have the complete knowledge of the game and machine before starting with it.

It is very essential to select the right machine and the right game that has better chances of winning.

As you would do in a land-based casino, you should always explore the different types of machines available at the online casino also.

You can also read the reviews of other gamers and analyze a particular machine present in a casino.

Further, you can double the fun, excitement and thrill by playing the slot games free of cost online. Hunt for the free online casino websites and start playing now!

Slot Games Have Always Been Popular and They are Only Increasing in Popularity! You Can Cash On Them Now!

Increasing Popularity

Online slots are the most popular type of casino games when it comes to online casino gaming. It is simply due to its exciting features, sound effects, jackpots and payouts.

This article discusses some of the major aspects of these slots and the ways in which you can find the best online slot.

Higher Payouts in Online Slots

Online slots offer higher payouts when compared to other existing games. In slot games, you need to insert a coin and hit the button or pull the lever afterwards.

The player wins only when all three identical symbols line up together on a single line. Note that, every game has different winning combinations, which can be explored before starting with any game.

Throughout the globe, players are attracted to these online slots due to their exclusive features, giant jackpots as well as higher payouts.

Further, casinos are also making endeavours to make the gaming experience much more exciting for all the gamers by introducing new features.

For instance, Dracula slot comes with 40 pay lines to win and has an incredible theme and some new features that you’ll not find anywhere.

Since an online casino has the same thrill, sound effects and aspects like that of a land-based casino, you will not find it any different.

Players are advised to play only on certified casino websites. It may be a little difficult to find one such authentic website out of the hundreds available, but you can do that by becoming a member of several online casino player forums.

Here, you will be able to interact with other players and gain knowledge about different casinos and their services.

Ways to Find the Best Online Slots

#1-Bonus Payouts

Online slots offer huge jackpot prizes, bonuses and promotions. Players can expect to win a jackpot of millions and can try their hands on bonus symbols that render amazing bonus payouts.

Thus, choose the slot that has a higher probability of making best winning combinations and highest amount of jackpot.


Of course, the quality of a slot is of utmost importance. The game should have seamless graphics, animation and incredible sound effects.

Some games have unique and interesting themes over others, which you can find by exploring the casino website.

#3-Progressive Jackpots

It is true that online slots feature better progressive jackpots than any other game. Here, the jackpot is dynamic and its value keeps on going up until a winner is declared.

#4-No Extra Downloads

You must choose to play only those online slots that do not require any downloads. The ones that run with Flash animation are the finest to start with, as you are not required to download any software at all.

You can play them whenever you wish to!

The online casinos are all stocked up with the exclusive variety of online slots like Reel Rush, Gonzo’s Quest and Dracula to name a few.

If you want to play free casino games online, then you can get a hold of various options. All you need to do is to sign up at an authentic gaming website and start playing free games as much as you want.

Staying In Tonight? Then How About a Spending Some Time at Online Casinos and Winning?

Spending Time at Online Casinos

The fastest growing and the most booming online businesses today are online casinos. Yes, online casinos are just another form of land-based casinos with the same features and facilities.

In fact, online casinos are much more attractive due to its sound effects, animations and graphics. These casinos offer hundreds and thousands of games to the players.

No doubt, they offer you the best opportunity to earn huge cash by hitting the biggest jackpot.

If you are thinking about the most entertaining way to spend time with your friends, then nothing can be better than trying your luck at online casinos.

About Online Casinos

Casinos are a great rendezvous for people. Different players meet at online casinos and play together in a team.

However, you need to go through the online casino guide before playing any new games. The guide will make you aware about the effective strategies and methods in which you can win more.

To add on, players need to make an effort to read the testimonials of other players to get a fair idea of a particular casino.

The content of the online casino must guide the players in the maximum possible manner and every detail must be fully genuine.

Most Popular Casino Games

There are many online games that are preferred by the players, but some are really exclusive.

Slot Games

For instance, Dracula is a slot game that has emerged with a brand new bat feature and other unique symbols.

Here, you will see innumerable bats all over the screen and reels. Some others have been mentioned as under-


This game is about skill, luck and experience. It requires a reason and the player’s concentration to win.

As a player of video poker, you need to know that only 21% of hands are winning hands. You need to be very patient while playing poker, else you can lose.


Blackjack is famous all over due to its fun and profit.

Yes, if it is played right, then you can win hundreds and thousands of dollars.

The best part of this game is that you can play it as much as you want in the free mode. By doing this, you can polish your gaming skills and practice to play better next time.


Roulette has a big wheel that has numbers from 0 to 36. All these numbers have alternate colours of black and red with 0 and 00 groves present in green colour.

The roulette table has a variety of winning combinations and players have a chance to place different bets. It simply means that you can enjoy a chance to place a bet on any colour, number, even/odds or on a group of numbers.

With online casinos, you can spend hours and days online and you’ll not get bored ever. With a wide variety of games to choose from, you can be assured of entertainment all through!

The amazing graphics and other features are sure to keep your interests and passion intact. So, try your luck and earn giant jackpots by playing different online casino games!

These are the Marketing Tools that Online Casinos Always Use to Attract More Customers! Do You Know About Them?

Marketing Tools of Online Casinos

There are thousands of casinos all over the world and each one of them endeavours to attract the gamers’ attention in some or the other way.

The major and one of the most prevalent ways to captivate player’s attention are through casino bonuses.

Whenever you win a huge casino bonus, there are some hidden terms and conditions. It can also be said that there are some strings attached, which may include wagering the reward virtual chips towards the person who is playing.

Now, the question arises whether these casinos bonuses are secure or not? Is it worth to acquire casino bonus? Will it demand the player to spend something additional?

Well, all these questions can be answered after discussing the positive and negative points of casino bonuses.

Advantages of Casino Bonuses

Enhances Your Bankroll

Bonuses always develop the bankroll of the winning players. The best approach to keep winning is to keep taking part in the games and widen the opportunities to make more profit or develop your bankroll.

When you acknowledge the rewards given by the online casinos, it can be of great help.

This is most appropriate for the players who are trying online casinos for the first time.

As a new gambler, if you are not making any use of the casino’s reward, then it will be like investing money without getting any benefits.

Try New Online Casinos, New Games!

This technique is about trying new online casinos. Every casino on the internet has different types of reward gimmicks.

Trying out new games and winning a variety of casino bonuses will never make you bored of the same old games.

The moment you visit or sign up at a new casino, you can enjoy with a ‘no cost beginner’ bonus.

Loyalty Rewards

The loyalty rewards are generous enough for a player. If you are a seasoned gambler, then you can win casino rewards by participating in different games.

Whether you are a frequent player or simply visiting websites a few times, you can expect to win huge casino bonus.

Dracula slot is one of those slots that can get you a higher bonus. This is a five reel video slot game with 40 pay lines and has some incredible features.

Disadvantages of Casino Bonuses

Although the advantages usually outweigh any disadvantages the casino bonuses have, there is a disadvantage of casino bonuses. They have certain restrictions that you need to adhere to.

Before you expect to get a casino bonus, try to gain the knowledge about its constraints. The typical restriction is on minimum amount of wagers, as you are required to wager the whole quantity to acknowledge the casino reward.

Furthermore, there may be times when you will need to wager the deposited amount more than once in order to avail the bonus of the casino.

In fact, there can be a time restriction also to grab all the bonuses.

It goes without saying that every casino has some hidden terms and conditions. So, before you’re attracted to any casino, always be careful.

Read all the terms and conditions of the casino and then make a wise decision to sign up. A little smartness and knowledge can save you plenty of money and make the online casino experience worth every penny!

A Fact about Pay Lines that You’ve Never Heard Before!

number of pay lines

Slot players assess the comparative merits of different games on the basis of the number of pay lines that the game offers. The term pay line refers to the order of positions that appear on the reel.

They can make multiple bets on machines, depending on the number of pay lines available. Contrast this with the original slot machines that offered just a single line.

Experienced players usually like machines with more pay lines because this increases the ways in which they can win.

Online slots, being virtual, can theoretically have any number of pay lines, but practicality dictates that most games have 10, 15 or 20 with some having 50 and even as much as 100.

There are games that have as many as 250 pay lines too, but this is quite rare because even the high rollers would be hard pressed to bet on all the lines.

Playing a couple of pay lines is quite simple, but it gets fairly complicated when the number of pay lines increase beyond three.

This is because many games have set configurations that will result in a win. Very often, the pay lines are arranged diagonally with some moving towards the left and other games have the lines moving to the right.

Any player who spends enough time on a particular game will notice the patterns soon enough.

The screen can be quite confusing if there are multiple pay lines, but you will soon be able to make sense of it if you are very patient.

Placing Bets

A person playing multi line slots can choose the coin value as well as the number of coins wagered for every line.

This determines his line bet. Next, the player has to decide the number of lines that will be wagered on.

Wagering on three lines implies that the total bet amounts to three times the line bet. In other words, this is like selecting a particular line and spinning the slots thrice.

Multi line slots reduce the number of spins and the game therefore, moves very fast. It goes without saying that this is also very thrilling.

The Payout

Every game has a payout table that lists all the combinations for which a payout can be made. When the reels settle down to a position after they spin, the sequence of all symbols that fall on active pay lines (the ones on which bets have been placed) will be compared against the combinations listed in the table.

In case there is a match then the player will be paid.

A word of caution here – you need to first study the payout table of every game you try because each game is different and the payout may not be what you are expecting.

For instance, if you are planning to try out the immensely popular Dracula slot then you should first read its payout table.

Dracula Slot is a really exciting game with excellent graphics and thrilling sound effects, but you’ll have a lot more fun if you win more coins by knowing how to play exactly and what to expect.

10 Incredible Ways to Get Complimentary Items and Services in Casinos that You’ll Think are Made Up!

10 casino comp tips

When you are gambling at a casino, there’s no doubt that you are bound to have a lot of fun, but getting a lot of freebies for your play is something else altogether!

In the United States, you can earn casino comps on your table game play or slot in most of the casinos. Casino comps are nothing, but freebies that casinos offer to their customers. However, not a lot of casinos offer comps, especially the foreign ones!

Similarly, if you’re looking to play the recently released Dracula slot online, you’ll be showered with a lot of free spins and bonuses that you can use to your advantage.

You can expect a minimum of 10% to 15% of your loss in the form of certain comps from the casinos. But the casinos will not give you cash, unless you are the one who plays extensively.

The tracking system is different at each casino, but the basic thing that you need to remember is that the software will turn your time played and average bet into an amount, which you can use for your resort amenities or in meals.

To ensure that you get the best of your money, follow the tips mentioned below.

#1-Get a Player’s Card

The first and foremost thing is you need to sign up for a player’s card. Although it sounds very basic, a lot of players feel different about the card and sometimes claim it is unlucky too.

They wouldn’t want to know how much they are spending. But, if you have a card and play even the penny slots, it can get you a few free meals for the play.

#2-Deals of the Day

Don’t hesitate to ask if there any specials and find out about the best deals of the day.

If the casino area is close to your home, then you can go online and find which casinos are offering best sign-up offers.

Try moving around among many casinos as possible, before you finalise on something.

#3-Subscribing for Newsletters

A lot of people opt out of e-mailers from the casinos thinking it is only spam. But, the e-mailers can actually notify you about all their ongoing and upcoming offers.

#4-Meal Specials

Effectively utilise the meal specials available in the casino. A lot of properties give a free or discounted breakfast especially for players.

Some offers may look like ‘Get 300 points and breakfast is on the hotel’.

#5-Complimentary Services

Apart from meals, you’ll also find a lot of specials such as free child-care for an hour, cash-in chips, and so on, which you can use to your advantage.

#6-Special Offers

Casinos also have some slow days. During that time, they offer a lot of specials to draw crowd and you may actually win some extra points.

For instance, a casino in Arizona offers 13x points every month on the 13th. Now, how cool is that?

#7-Turn on Your Charm!

If you are playing slots, then you can afford to be grumpy, even irritated at the device, and nobody will notice.

But when you are playing a table game, it is highly important that you be pleasant and enjoy yourself.

A small change like this will help you get some awesome small perks, which will take you by surprise!

#8-Track Your Points

Keep a track of your points and don’t let them expire. Don’t accumulate it to use it at the end of the year and use it all at once.

#9-Special Rates

Most properties, which are owned by the casinos, will give a special rate for their players.

It may vary up to 50% to 60% based on how active you are at the casino. If you are a regular, then you can even win a villa!

#10-A Single Card

Even if you and your friend are playing at the same casino, don’t buy two cards. Buy a single one and share.

This is not illegal, yet you get to win some money!

The Release of Dracula Slot and Online Casinos where It can be Played!

Net Entertainment in collaboration with Universal has announced the launch of a new gaming slot called Dracula. The inspiration for this slot game comes from the eponymous 1931 movie of the same name.

This slot became a part of the casinos operated by Net Entertainment on 23 April 2015 on the mobile as well as online platform.

The USP of this gaming slot comes in the form of its sleek design and slot features, especially its 3D animation.

Salient Features of Dracula Slot

The Bat Feature

This feature comprises a random number of bats converging on five reels. When the spinning of the reels stop, the bats transform into a random symbol.

The Wild Features

This slot offers two different wild symbols. The first symbol is a general wild, which when used in a Net Entertainment slot acts as a substitute for the highest possible winning combination on a betting line.

The second wild symbol, a stacked wild symbol makes a random appearance anywhere on the third reel, but only in the Free Spins Bonus round.

The Free Spins Bonus Round

This is a unique feature of the Dracula slot. 10 free spins are activated when a stacked Lady symbol appears on the third reel and the stacked Dracula symbol appears on the second reel.

On every single spin during Free Spins, bats converge on the reels. If 20 bats make a beeline for the reels, it creates an avalanche of wins.

The Free Spins Bonus round allows for the activation of the Bat feature once per spin while the appearance of the stacked wild symbol on the third reel allows for addition of two extra free spins.

Net Entertainment Casinos where Dracula Slot Can be Played!

Casinos with Dracula Slot

A number of online casinos have launched this new and exciting Dracula slot game. So, you can play it at most of the casinos.

Here’s a list of the popular casinos to start you off!

Guts Casino

This casino offers new players a 100% welcome bonus up to a limit of €100. As part of their welcome package, you’ll also be given 50 free spins that you can use to play Dracula slot.

Vera&John Casino

Vera&John casino offers 100% bonus up to €100. So, if you deposit €100 as your first deposit, you’ll be given an additional €100 taking your account total to a huge €200!

You can use this money to start betting on and playing Dracula slot.

Bet365 Casino

Bet365 casino is also offering a 100% welcome bonus to its new players up to a maximum of €100. This is a brilliant offer as you’ll effectively have €200 to play the new and much-awaited Dracula slot.

Energy Casino

Energy casino has gone a step further in terms of welcome bonus. The 100% is same as the other casinos, but the maximum amount that the bonus is valid for is €250. So, if you deposit €250, you’ll get an additional €250 to take your balance to a massive €500!

Maria Casino

Maria casino is giving a neat 100% welcome bonus up to ₤100. Along with this bonus, you’ll also be bestowed with 40 free spins that you can play Dracula slot with.

This is a great way to familiarise yourself with the new slot before you start playing with real money!

Some Interesting Facts about Dracula Slot

  • As compared to other slot games, Dracula is slightly different in terms of its brilliant graphics, animation and sound effects.
  • The players can win bigger amounts in the Free Spins Bonus round, in spite of the Bat feature having a larger winning potential.
  • The maximum amount to be won in this slot is 400 times the stake of the player.
  • The frequency of wins is more in the base game and the frequency increases in the Free Spins Bonus round. This is bound to attract gaming enthusiasts who love playing slot games.

Types of Wild Symbols in Slot Games!

It was the classic slots that introduced the concept of wild and scatter symbols. It not only made the slot game very interesting, but also totally revolutionised the way slot games emerged in the days to come.

Wild Symbols

It gave the players more opportunities to form winning combinations and make some more money in the process. In this way, both the casinos and the players benefitted. The only limitation that was reserved for wild symbol is that even though it could replace all other symbols, it could not replace the scatter symbol. The scatter could fall anywhere on the reels and still complete the winning combination.

Modern Slots and Its Effect on The Wild Symbols

As technology evolved over the years, slots too have undergone dramatic changes. The symbols are no more stagnant, they have been given life and align wonderfully with the theme of the game. More often than not, wild symbols act as the main symbol, which becomes the central character of a themed slot.

The logos typically represent the wild symbol. Another exciting feature of this symbol is the fact that they can also act as the multiplier, which means you can dramatically increase your earnings!

The Various Types of Wild Symbols

Slots, these days, have become exactly like video games. In turn, wild symbols, too have undergone many changes.

The Stacked Wild Symbols

Stacked wild symbol, for example, has become extremely popular. This is nothing, but the wilds stack upon each other when the reels start spinning. This is the type of wild symbol, which has a huge earning potential. Effectively, stacked wilds have the potential to convert the whole reel into a wild, thus, making you a lot more money in the process.

The Expanding Wild Symbols

Then there is the expanding wild symbol. As you can predict from the name, this is a wild, which turns and expands other symbols into wild symbols too. Some typical example of this kind of slots is Batman and Playboy.

The Trailing Wild Symbols

You will also come across the trailing wild symbol. This is almost similar to its expanding counterpart, but the only difference is that it leaves a trail, which when it touches other symbols, converts them into wild too.

Now that is where the fun is, since most of these features rapidly expand the return. These kind of wild symbols are typically found in slots with progressive jackpots.

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are many other wild symbols. There are wilds, which divide into two and make many possible winning combinations. A perfect example of this kind is Batman and The Dark Knight Rises slots.

How do Wild Symbols Vary?

Wild symbols differ in terms of appearance on the reels. Since these symbols greatly increase the chance of winning, there are slot machines, which tend to lower the appearance of the wild symbol to a great extent.

On the other hand, there are slots, which can extend terrific rewards, but the frequency of wild symbols appearing here is quite low.

A typical example of these kinds of wild symbols is the ones with progressive jackpots. A high variance slot will always pay less, but you will have the opportunity to win big, while low variance slots are exactly the opposite!

How to Identify Wild Symbols?

Most of the slots have something called as a Paytable, where all the details about the various symbols and their payouts are mentioned. While playing too, it can be easy to identify wild symbols as some of them have the word, Wild written across it, while some have only a W, like in the newly released, Net Entertainment slot, Dracula.